Why hire a coach?


Because you (or your teen) need a road map. You're looking for an accountability partner and a way to clarify your vision. Maybe you're in the middle of transition and need someone to help you reach new goals. Rather than counseling you through the past, my job is to help you focus on the future. 

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What is therapeutic art?


Putting your emotions on paper externalizes them, making them easier to examine. Creating something gives you control, while a finished piece of art offers a sense of achievement. Most importantly, creative expression does not require direct articulation. With art therapy, you can explore freely. 

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A supported journey.


Don't think of yourself as creative? Think again. Merriam-Webster calls creativity “the ability to make new things or think of new ideas.” If you're exploring hiring a coach or dropping into a workshop, you are already designing something new for yourself. Let me help you create your best life. 

I also work with teens and young adults who are looking for additional guidance.